A realization came a while ago, when I looked at a photo of myself. Without thinking, without realizing it, my hand reached for the stylus ready to clean the photo up, remove wrinkles, smooth the skin, brighten the teeth. Ready to deepen the shadows, bring out the highlights. I held the stylus in my hand, unmoving, thinking that this is my face on this photo, blemishes, wrinkles and all. This is how I really look. I put the stylus down. For the first time that I can remember. For the first time I did not do what my husband says I always do: throw what I have to say out there, and then run and hide behind a cauch. I did not run and hide. Instead I posted the photo of myself for the entire world to see, and realized at that moment that it is time for me to wear my own face at last. Not “God”, not “God Psychology”, not “Artfacedesign” but me. So here I am, and here is what I do: write, design, think, dream and talk. Welcome.