A bit of a car crash, and insurance companies

April 16, 2008

I had a little car crash yesterday. Not much, just scraped another car a bit, mine a bit more. I was a very good girl, I left a note (the poor, innocent car was parked when I drove into it), talked to the owner when she showed up, she didn’t want to go through insurance, we agreed to talk some more about it… This situation naturally brought a discussion about insurance companies and the way they function. I had not much experience with them (insurance companies) as I’ve never had a reason to deal with one before. And so I found out that they will pay for fixing the car I hit, and then they’ll raise my rates. They will pay for fixing my car – and they will raise my rates even more. In other words they will basically give me a loan, and then get it back from my higher rates. But I pay them, every month. Why? I do understand the logic of it, I do understand that I could have killed somebody, or seriously injured, and then the insurance would pay medical costs etc., but still the fact is undeniable – the insurance companies do not exist to insure, as in “protecting someone from excessive loss”. They exist to make money. This did not amaze me, I could understand that. What did amaze me was that I agree to that. That I participate and support a system inside of which such companies exist and flourish. Not only me, all of us. One could say that we have no choice, that we either pay or break the law and go to jail, but – who established the law? And how did it happen that such a law could be established in the first place? We create our reality. Not only in advanced, metaphysical sense, but in a very real, every day sense. Here is an example: Let’s say that we all make some agreements about reality. Let’s say that we all agree that: 1. Life is basically dangerous. One never knows when and what could happen that would endanger one’s lifestyle, health or life. 2. We have to protect ourselves. 3. Best way to protect ourselves is to have as much money as we can manage. Let’s say that we all, as society, agree that those above points are the truth about reality. Would it then be a great surprise that, inside of this very paradigm that we all agreed upon, some people who are smarter or more ruthless would find ways to get as much money as they could? Wouldn’t it also make sense that, knowing that they have to protect themselves, they’d try to keep it? So how do we create our reality? Just like that – we agree upon it. We agree that money is of the greatest value – and so it becomes. We say that reality is a certain way – and the reality follows. So what can we do? We can change the agreement. We can say – no, I do not agree that reality is like that. And reality changes. I, for example, decided that any physical illness is a result of a trauma that I did not take responsibility for and so my body has to process it for me. I, therefore, have no need of doctors or medicines. Inside of my paradigm, when I am sick I need to go and look at what it is I am not aware of, take responsibility for it, remain myself inside of it until it clears out. Inside of my paradigm I have no need of pills, treatments, medicines, so whatever medical insurance companies do or don’t does not affect me. Whatever pharmaceutic companies do or don’t does not affect me. That is not to say that I agree with what they are doing, or how they are run – but they have absolutely no influence over my life. I do not depend on them. They exist inside of their paradigm – I exist inside of mine. I have changed reality.

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