Dragons in the Forest

August 1, 2011

It is a very easy thing to do, missing a dragon in the forest. If you look around with your usual eyes you might see a piece of root, a rotten log, a pile of rocks. But if you open your eyes as wide as they will go, and then a bit wider, you will see a dragon basking in the sun, stretching his wings to dry on the morning breeze, winding it’s tail protectively around a house or nursing young trees tenderly on it’s nose. Dragons are easy to miss while the sun shines on the forest. The warm light makes them hot and drowsy, they lie comfortably still and will not stir a paw. But when the sun sets, when the moon raises from it’s bed behind the mountain, so do dragons raise. They shake their heads, stretch their wings, unwind their tails and set the young trees carefully aside. Then they jump up, as high as only a dragon can jump, and fly into the moonlit sky. [click to continue…]