Action – Reaction

April 17, 2010

My husband and I had dinner last night in a little restaurant, right on the beach. It was a late evening, the sun was setting and the ocean glowed, blue and green with golden highlights. There were misty cliffs at the far end of the beach, there were little children playing in the sand, there were seagulls and pelicans swooping over the weaves and diving for fish, there were dolphins jumping in and out of the water – it was absolutely, beautifully perfect. We sat at the table and looked, and watched, and I thought: “it is not true that we need pain to appreciate happiness. It is not true that we need hardships to really feel bliss. I feel blissful now, I enjoy the beauty around me, and the happiness, so much more because it is always there, because it is ordinary, because it’s there every day.” I said to my husband: “isn’t being here so much more wonderful because now we live here? Now this is what we can experience every day. Doesn’t it become so much more splendid an experience because it isn’t something we only get to enjoy once in a while?” Today morning, as I was getting out of bed thinking about the wonderful evening I had last night on the beach, I realized that when bliss and joy are ordinary, every day experiences, then oh, where can I go from here!? There is no limit to what can be created. When I am already joy and bliss and happiness, when that is simply my life, simply who I am – where is the limit? Where is the limit to what I can open to, to what I can invent, to what I can design. I’ve read something recently, something about “changing the world” – fixing it, dealing with the problems, making it a good place for humans to live. I read about consuming less, buying less things, using less gas, traveling less, having smaller community – based farms, less imported food, and I wondered: is “less” the only answer to “more”? Is “more” the only answer to “less”? More medicine, more money, more things to buy , more security … Isn’t there something else? Isn’t there a solution, a way, a change, that can go beyond more – less, right – wrong, just – injust, good – bad? Isn’t there a way to change reality that isn’t simply rearranging the same set of building blocks, over and over, into new configurations? Isn’t there a way of creating history without constantly repeating it? It all fell together today morning and I realized that where there is nothing to fix, nothing to fight, nothing to change, nothing to protest against, nothing to take stand against or for – what is there left but us, who we are, with an ultimate freedom to create? Just imagine that, imagine what we can create when we are already happy, imagine what amazing reality can we design that goes beyond happiness, beyond bliss, beyond joy, beyond anything that’s ever been done, anything that’s ever been experienced. Imagine what ideas we can come up with, what unique ways of being we can create out of bliss, out of joy. Imagine how we could transform the world if we actually enjoyed it, enjoyed being in it, right now. Just imagine.

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