Beyond Unity

October 22, 2008

Last Friday I created the “United We Stand” image (below). It took me through quite an adventure. It begun while I was lying on bed sometime around 5pm, staring at nothing in particular. The image showed up in my head, completed with the tag-line. I jumped up, run to my computer and got to work. About 5 hours later I had the image completed, an online store set up with all sorts of merchandise, and … I started wondering what it is I am doing? And why? I let those questions stay for a day or two, I would not exactly think about it but I was staying present, waiting to see what will emerge. A lot of things did. Ideas about how else the image could be used, about how it could be marketed, about what change it could cause. While all this was happening I felt more and more constricted, I felt the sense of presence slipping away. I woke up on Sunday morning with a clear feeling that this is not quite right. Not right for me. It seemed a great message, the message of unity. I was tired of the division in the political reality. I felt that there is so much more available if a bigger picture could be introduced. The bigger the picture the more space it carries with it, I thought. And yet on Sunday morning the image of unity seemed constricted also, because, as I realized, it was another idea, another concept. So I opened to who I am on Sunday morning. I thought: I do want to change the world but what do I mean by that? What do I want to change it to? It is not enough to say: I don’t want it to be this. If I really want to effect change I have to know what I want it to be instead. I have to have a clear vision of where I am going, I have to be the change, so that I can hold space for it to happen. I realized that if I say: “I want everybody in the world to love each other and be happy” that will be an idea, a separation. Ideas and concepts, no matter how great and right, are still exactly that: right. Which means that something else is wrong. The separation is still there. As I opened to who I am I realized that my goal in life is not to be happy, peaceful, loved. My goal in life is to be who I am. My goal in life is to be absolutely free, original, unique. It is to be God. It is to take a full responsibility for my reality, for my life, and to create it “like artists creates a work of art”, as an expression of who I am. There is no separation here. There is no bad and good, right or wrong. There is only a complete presence of who I am experiencing the world, experiencing life. There is only me experiencing a relationship. Happiness, love, peacefulness, are the result. The result of me being fully responsible for my reality. When I am who I am the reality changes naturally, spontaneously, to reflect it. When I am present as who I am, when I don’t get lost in my trauma – there is no pain, no fear. There is only a pure bliss of being alive. I believe that when this becomes a normal, everyday approach to life, when it is as obvious and as supported to be oneself as it is currently obvious and supported (though less and less) to be controlled by mind, then the world will change in a heart beat. This is the change I want to bring into reality. The freedom and the space for everybody to be who they are. The space where everyone can be themselves, where everyone can create their life as an expression of their unique perspective. There is no way to say how such a reality would look like. There is no way for me to know what others will choose to express because I am not them, I am me. There are no concepts, there are no answers. There are only questions. Who are you? What do you want? What do you create?

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