Faces of Wisdom

The lesson of a cedar tree

August 25, 2010

The cedar grove is very quiet. Not silent – there are birds singing their songs, there is wind playing in the branches, little furry creatures scurrying through dry pine needles and pieces of bark, but all those sounds do not disturb the quiet stillness. Old trees, trees that stood there for hundreds of years, with their massive trunks scarred by burns and cuts – they are quiet, they communicate, they relate in the quiet, still space. They hold it and create it. This is how they are. And when you sit under those trees the quiet sips into you and enfolds you, and you become part of it. You become the holder of the quiet space, though not a silent space. There are sounds, but there is no noise anymore, not inside. Trees speak to you, and you become like trees. Quiet. [click to continue…]
“Had this cool dream about God. I was having a conversation with her, “her” was a pretty, Hindu like, twenty something, covered in those brown body paint tatoos, with corn row hair. I asked her if she ever made mistakes, she laughed “Me? No way!” Then the phone rang.”

To understand wonderland we first have to enter it. To understand who we are we first have to be who we are, to understand God we first have to experience God, to understand nature we first have to be nature. And when we fully are, fully experience, fully open, fully being – then the need to understand becomes obsolete.

Growing Up

May 15, 2010

Once upon a time, when I was young, I used to wear big, heavy army boots. They kept my feet on the ground. Without them I might have floated away and become lost forever among the wooly, milky clouds.

And then I grew up.

Now I fly in the sky, in my little red slippers.

There is such beauty in old age. It comes with the awareness of what is trivial in life, and the freedom of not having to pretend anymore, that the trivialities are of great importance.