Change The Paradigm

September 27, 2012

“Oh, yeah? Let’s see if you still believe this when your husband decides that he wants to wander off and become a poet and stops paying your bills!”

He spat the angry words in my face. He was angry. The idea of doing what he wants in life being of the highest importance made him angry.

He brought up arguments, reasons, all familiar. I can’t do it because … and off it went: money, time, survival, food, shelter. I listened. He was right.

“You are right,” I said. “Inside of your paradigm you are absolutely right. You have to fight, work, struggle to survive and the survival is paramount to everything else. Doing what you want is a frivolous waste of time, a luxury. You must focus on making money.”

“You are right,” I said, “inside of your paradigm. Change the paradigm. Do not change what you do — you can’t do that, what you do is necessary. Change the paradigm.”

There are other paradigms, there are many other ways to live life and experience the world. In some we work hard and expect a just reward to come from a power beyond us. We deserve that reward, we are entitled to it.

In others we are the power. We do not deserve, we are not entitled — we simply create what we want.

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