Continuing to learn from nature

May 23, 2008

I walked around trees this morning, listening. They are different in rain, serene, quiet. I expected to feel the quietness from them, sleepiness almost, because they were so still. Instead I felt an incredible, indescribably powerful aliveness. It was quite amazing to feel it – the trees were so powerfully alive, more alive that I have ever experienced myself, or anything other than myself, to be. Their aliveness did not require action, did not need “doing”, did not need emotions, excitement, passion, need, terror, pain, pleasure … it did not express itself in movement, it expressed itself purely and only as itself … nothing else … just pure, absolute aliveness, only that, nothing more. It makes me think that we, humans, are really missing something here. We seem to believe that one has to move to be alive. One has to feel, need, want, desire, fear. Do all the needs, drives, passions, emotions make us alive, or do they distract us from being alive?

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