Disagreement, Originality, Uniqueness

January 4, 2013

“It is because life is real here” I said “and it feels good to live it”.

Here you put your hands in the dirt with no fear of germs, you handle your meet raw and bloody and you cut off the chicken’s head yourself and when a stream crosses your path you stoop down and drink the water.

Here you say what you mean to say and if there is an upset then you are upset. You fight, you argue, you yell and scream and make peace and make love.

Life is real here.

There – there is a padding between you and reality, a protective space between you and life. There everything is clean, sterile, sanitary, carefully cut and packaged.

There your thoughts are carefully prepared, your words are presented in such a way that no one takes offense. There there is no anger. There there is no passion. There there is no love.

Here life is real.

There … it is a game.

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