Find Out What You Want – Step #10

June 18, 2013

“Oh you know what you want!” I thought to a friend who, not being in my head, could not hear a thing.

You know exactly what you want, you are aware of it distinctly, you can hear yourself telling yourself just what is, only…

Only there are other things you are telling yourself as well, like:

“oh I should not want this” or “my mother will hate me for wanting this” or “this is a stupid thing to want” or “he will be so disappointed in me if I want that” or “what will people say” or “this will not make me money” or ” I am not enough” or “I can’t do this to her” or …

And herein lies the issue: the thing you want gets drowned, crushed and smothered underneath a huge pile

of crap.

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