From now on God has the floor!

August 1, 2007

Brooks says that the original purpose of psychology was to describe human’s relationship to God. During last few hundred years this purpose shifted somewhat, and we ended up with psychology that strives to understand, describe and correct human behavior so that it fits inside of society’s norms and ideas of what is “normal”, “right”, “moral”, “desirable”. Psychology makes sure, in short, that we are all good boys and girls. There is a certain format that psychological theories follow: there is a personality theory, which explains the structure of our mind/psyche/personality – however we call it; there is a theory that describes what motivates behavior; a piece describing disfunction and disorder; another piece on human’s social interactions and, finally, therapy, which is a practical application of all the above. How does it apply to God psychology? I wondered about that for last few weeks, and realized that it doesn’t apply at all. In God Psychology the perspective on reality shifts. Instead of organizing in relationship to society one organizes in relationship to God. So, to hit the point straight on a head – God psychology deals with the psychology of God. Not Ego, Id, Mind, Self, Persona, Personality, Character …, but God. God in it’s fullness and totality, as a human being. I believe I’ll make a little shift of my own here – instead of talking about a human experiencing herself as God I’ll, from now on, talk about God experiencing herself as a human being. So how can this be analyzed, how could one understand and explain God’s experience of being human? I don’t think one can explain that at all. But I do think that it can be described. We can describe the experience from God’s point of view, we can describe God’s perspective on himself, others, the world, the life and everything else. By doing so we present a different perspective on reality, we present God’s point of view. From now on God has the floor!

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