Power To Have Everything

October 30, 2012

“The Power – to have everything good in life – is inside you.”

“Everything is possible, nothing is impossible. There are no limits. Whatever you can dream of can be yours, when you use The Secret.”

“Using the Law of Attraction to “get” the things we believe we need: houses, cars or other goods.”

“Journey to an authentic abundance consciousness. If you wish to attract more goodness into your life in the form of comfort and ease, peace, joy, love …”

Everything you ever wanted … everything you ever missed … you can get. Once you get in touch with who you are. I heard this so many times, from different directions, from different lips, until one day it occurred to me to wonder: the people, the great ones, the actualized and revered enlightened masters, those that found their real selves undoubtedly – Christ, Buddha, Anandamai Ma, Ghandi, Ramana Maharshi, all the others…

… they were homeless. They had nothing.

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