Honor the choices of others.

October 18, 2012

“This is entirely pointless” I exclaimed last night from behind my computer. I was secreted there, in the corner, watching videos from the presidential debate. “There is no way to say which guy is lying, which doesn’t. They say the opposite, both claiming to be right. And you know, it doesn’t matter anyway…”

My husband raised his head an inch from behind his computer. He didn’t seem interested, but I continued…

“This is such a pointless excercise – this guy talks, that guy talks, no one listens. Democrats listen only to democrats, republican’s listen only to republicans. Democrats speak only to democrats and republicans speak only to republicans. Why do they bother talking? They only keep agreeing with each other and convincing each other of how right they are, but nothing changes. Everyone talks – no one listens. No one wants to listen to the enemy.

Both sides sit in their respective ditches, firmly entrenched, waiting to strike at the other side. The enemy.

This is not an election – this is war.”

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