This is just how it is

January 6, 2010

“New world is here. Life opportunities are only how uniqueness opens a space for invitations for us to graduate from being good. Beyond uniqueness is the opportunity called originality in relationship, which redesigns what can be”. Said Brooks. Funny he should say that, I thought just now as I read it. I thought about this just last night. I stood in the kitchen last night, cooking. I thought about many things. I just finished going through lines and lines of code, adjusting and tweaking web pages. My mind was very busy, I realized, and so I begun to feel instead. I felt myself, I felt my body, I felt my house and the mountains beyond it, and gradually I shifted. My mind was still there, chatting away, but I wasn’t it anymore. I let it go, I opened my head, I allowed it to leave. “I need my mind though” a thought came. “I need mind to work, to function, to make money, to organize life”. I looked at this thought and recognized it. I thought it many times before, said it many times before, and believed it. Yesterday I looked at this thought and realized that I don’t believe it anymore. I don’t need the mind to function, I don’t need the mind to work, to organize my life. I don’t need my mind to help me fit into reality, to function inside of reality, as it is – instead I can change reality to fit me. “This is just how it is” I heard millions of times before, we all did. “This is how it works”, “this is how life is”, “yes, we are God, we are Buddha, we are all already enlightened but we also have mind, we are humans and this is just how humans are”, “this is just our human nature”. All those statements might be true, might be correct, but I believe they are still incomplete. A complete statement would say: “this is just how it is, for now”. This is just how humans are, for now, at this moment. This is just how it is, I thought yesterday, because this is just how we’ve chosen it to be, this is how we have chosen to relate. If we have reality organized by mind and for mind, it is because we have chosen to organize it in such a way. If we have a set, defined “human nature”, it is because we have chosen to organize it as such. We have chosen, we organized it, we chose how to relate, we chose how to be. And so I can continue to choose how to relate, how to organize. I can say: this way of relating doesn’t work for me anymore, I am going to relate like this now. I don’t need my mind anymore, I am going to be my body now, be myself now, and this is how I am going to relate with the world. I don’t have to shift, change, adjust to accommodate reality, because reality will shift, change and adjust to reflect me. Because it is by how we relate that we create reality.

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