I believe in Questions!

October 20, 2007

I have a very good and a very useful friend. That sounds terrible, but it’s true – he asks me all kinds of right questions and I get to really consider them and find out what my answers are. We have the greatest conversations over ichat. Questions are good things! I strongly believe in questions these days, in questioning everything – especially my believes and my “shoulds”. If you have any questions – bring them on! And here is tonight’s question and the answer, that I’d like to share with the world: (FLYNBUDDHA): so we just can’t go around telling everyone you meet they are God, how do you get the message across? Pausha Foley: well, apparently you are trying to get the message across gently, or they’ll put you on the cross and kill you. I think first we have to focus on realizing it ourselves, after this is accomplished the whole reality changes, we start seeing ways and means we haven’t seen before. (FLYNBUDDHA): but your in the God business now, what do you tell people Pausha Foley: well – do I have to say it to everyone? What is the purpose here? To enlightened every single being or to change the world? Those two are not necessarily the same thing and, to be honest, I begin to think that we take what is said about “every one has to be enlightened so that we can all go to heaven” a little too literally. What you ask is: how do you tell people that they are God? It implies that we have to change them in some respect, in the way they see reality and themselves. That’s one way – another way is to take responsibility for changing reality for everyone. We have people like M L King, Ghandi, Mother Theresa and others. They changed the world, they didn’t focus on making everybody see things the way they saw it though – they just went ahead and changed the world, for everyone. I mean – I know I am God, but this doesn’t have to be the truth for everyone, everyone is different, has a different way of experiencing the reality. (FLYNBUDDHA): now this is a different conversation Pausha Foley: sort of, still addressing the same subject, just from a different angle – it’s not about changing people, it’s about changing the world. (FLYNBUDDHA): got it Pausha Foley: let’s put it in an example: I am married, and as it usually is, I have my trauma, he has his trauma, we work out some sort of pattern that allows us to accommodate our traumas. (FLYNBUDDHA): you seem a little fired up tonight Pausha Foley: no, not really, I’m working it out as I type (FLYNBUDDHA): ok Pausha Foley: so anyway – I realize one morning that I am God, and all my trauma is gone. Now I can say: he has to realize the same thing and drop his trauma, and then we will have a blissful relationship. Or I can say – I am God, I take full responsibility for creating my reality, including my marriage, I am going to stay present, be God inside of this relationship, which will make it blissful and it will create a space for him that will gently encourage him to open to being God – without me demanding it of him, so that we can have a good marriage It’s the same with telling people they are God – be God yourself, then you’ll naturally relate to them as God, which will naturally encourage them to respond as God. it’s a gentle opening rather than a new doctrine.

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