It is unquestionably spring in Ojai!

March 9, 2008

I just came back from a rather lengthy walk across the hills that are green with grass and bursting with flowers. Everything is SO ALIVE, there are furry little creatures frisking in all directions and wonderful old oaks with new leaves – it’s just an absolute wonderland. I did all I could to open to it and be part of it as completely as I could manage and I realized that there are no barriers and no separations. When I opened to nature the only barriers were in my mind, once I lowered them there was nothing. And there was everything. I realized that it is all one, one … energy, being, god, whatever. No matter what it’s called – it is one. And it is unique, it expresses itself uniquely in different shapes, forms, colors – but uniqueness does not mean separation. Difference does not mean a separation. It is different, but in essence the same. Did you ever wondered how animals just “know” things? They know when a danger comes, when earth is going to move, when weather will change. We can explain it with instincts or sharper senses or whatever – but the truth is: they know, because there is nothing that could stop them from knowing. There are no barriers between one being and another, between one expression of God and another. We, humans, are part of it too, it is only our mind that says we aren’t.

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