It’s You

June 20, 2013

It is this one thing. Just one. So very simple, so small, almost insignificant.

Such a little thing … yet your entire existence hangs on it. This one tiny thing that, when shifted, will change the world.

Notice the word I used: “will”. Not “could” not “might”. But “will”. With absolute certainty it will. This one little thing.

Everything else fits, everything else is right: the God is right, the eternal love, the faith and the purpose in life, and the oneness — it’s all correct. God’s unlimited, boundless power to create, to bring life and to end it — yes, it is really there.

The perfect symmetry of nature is there too, the patterns that scientists are so fond of observing. The spectacular complexity of the universe, the atoms whirling together changing, shaping, creating — yes, all this happens. It all is. Everything that everyone believes is true, everything that everyone holds dear, everything that everyone calls life. Reality. The world. God.

It all is. God is. Reality is. Life is.

It’s all right, it is all true except for the one thing. The one little, tiny, almost insignificant thing:

It is you. It is all you.

That which you observe, that which you experience, that which you believe to be a force far beyond your control, you grasp and understanding, that which shapes the universe and determines your life, that which writes the faith of societies, creates war and peace, terror and justice, hunger and comfort. God, reality, life…

It’s all you.

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