Lords and Ladies

September 25, 2009

“Is anyone else having trouble sleeping with all these planetary changes?” asked my friend today. “What if planets have trouble changing because we don’t sleep?” I asked, in response. “Well, if the planets are trying to align with me, they’re in trouble.” she answered, and I said: “The fate of planets is in your hands, and so the most important question in all of reality, right now, is: how are you doing?” It was a fun little exchange and yet it stuck with me. How would it be, I wondered, if we were, in fact, influencing the movements of planets? How would it be if my moods, my emotions, my reactions determined reality? The reality would shift completely, my life wouldn’t be just “mine”, isolated, private. It wouldn’t be just “my business”, it would be everybody’s business, the whole world’s business, reality’s business. Can you imagine who you are affecting not only you, your family and friends, but the entire planet? You get sad, and it rains, you get angry and there is draught, you are happy and there is a beautiful, sunny, fresh weather. You are furious and the earth shakes. If that was the truth – how would you see yourself, relate to yourself? With what care and awareness would you experience every minute of every day, if you knew that the wellness of the whole planet depended on it? Kings and queens knew that responsibility, I thought. They knew that their life isn’t only their own, but also, if not most of all, their people’s. They knew that by being who they are they created reality for entire nations. They accepted the responsibility, they held the space, and so they were given a great power. Powerful people of present day … do they rule and organize the world because they have the money and influence that allows them to do it, or do they have the money and influence because they know that their life is not their own, because they know that who they are creates reality not only for them, but for the world? And so the universe provides them with power that they can handle, with influence that they can hold space for. What if your life is not just your own? What if how you relate, how you are, determines the faith of planets and the movements of stars? What if this is the simple truth, for all of us. Not only for the special few, for the king or the queen, but for everyone?

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