This Is What I Call Love

October 23, 2012

I love you? No, it doesn’t sound right, it doesn’t feel right. It is that I see you, I am with you.

Yes, that is it: I am with you. I am present with you.

I am here, what I am, open and present and I feel you here, in this way, from this place. I am myself here and I can see you. I can see you clearly.

Here, this is beyond mind, this has nothing to do with feelings, needs, insecurities and comforts. I do not need to have you. I do not need anything from you. This is not about you. I am present with you, I see you as what I am because I choose to. Because this is how I choose to relate with you.

And that you are open to this relationship, that you can be present with me as well – this creates space for us to grow limitlessly, to graduate what we are, over and over, to open endlessly. Being present here, as what we are, relating as what we are, transforms reality.

This I call love: this choice to be present here with you, as what I am, only.

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