It is not about making things happen.

August 13, 2009

It is not about making things happen. It is about being ready to allow things to happen. This is a different way of being in a world, different from how mind operates. There is nothing to do. There is nowhere to go, there is nothing to achieve, there is nothing to change. But there is being, experiencing, expressing. Why? Why not? I am here. Why? … I am here. “Who am I?” is much more fun question to ask than “Why am I?” We, my husband and I, just moved to Santa Barbara from Ojai. We saw this house few weeks ago, it just wouldn’t work for us then. The house seemed great but we couldn’t see ourselves in it, couldn’t fit into it. Three weeks later, as we ate dinner in a restaurant in Santa Barbara, we realized that we are ready to move. Our Ojai adventure was completed, we were ready to go. Two days later we saw the house we’ve seen few weeks previously, this time it was perfect, we moved in the following weekend. There was hardly anything for us to do. Granted, we worked for a day or two packing and unpacking, but that was it. The move happened so quickly, so easily, that I hardly noticed it. We were ready and everything fell into place, we were ready, and everything happened. Easily, effortlessly, gently. We were ready, so there was nothing more to be done. This doesn’t make any sense to the mind. Allowing things to organize, letting go of control, letting go of the need to know how, when, why, what for, doesn’t make sense to the mind. Mind needs to know, organize, understand, have a plan. When I choose to open to who I am, who I really am, who I am as God, my mind needs to know what it means, needs to know why, what for, what will it do, how will I change. Will I really be God, or will I only imagine it? Will it be real? But I don’t need to know that. I can just choose to open and allow it to happen. Knowing how mind functions I can choose to let go of it. I may not know what it means “who I am as God”, but I know that mind needs to know, so I can let go of that need. I know that mind needs to control, so I can let go of that need. I know that mind needs to understand, so I can let go of that need. My mind needs to make things happen, so I can let go of that need. Then the only thing that’s left will be … me.

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