One Hundred Impossible Ideas in a Hundred Days

June 19, 2010

100. There is no such thing as “impossible” 99. We are present to the fact that the life is our life, that the reality is our reality to do with as we please, because we are really present to ourselves, as ourselves. 98. Whatever trauma, fear, pain is there to stop us from being fully who we are – we don’t let it. 97. Enlightenment is not the end of the journey, rather it’s the very first step. 96. We have ideas, ideas don’t have us. We create explanations and reasons, they do not create us. We are the storytellers who spin the stories. 95. We enjoy the company of people with whom we have nothing in common. 94. We don’t need stories about who we are, we don’t need to define, describe and understand ourselves. We can simply be. 93. What would it be like if, instead of trying to understand and make sense of one another, we honored each other’s originality and uniqueness? 92. Imagination is the force that transforms reality – we can not create that, which we can not imagine and, once we imagine it, it already exists. 91. The only person we ever have any authority over is ourself. 90. After spending millennia on perfecting the skill of thinking, we can now perfect the art of feeling. 89. we can feel so precisely, so distinctly, so clearly and so limitlessly, that there is never any need to think. 88. A snake in a paradise is a real asset, it helps the paradise to open to a whole new level of beauty and bliss. 87. An impossible Saturday idea: on the planet where nature is present, aware, conscious, it is impossible to feel lonely. We are surrounded by friend at all times. 86. Happiness and bliss are normal. 85. When the mind is clear we are present to our thoughts and ideas. When who we are is clear we are present to reality. 84. We choose how we feel. 83. We choose to be with people, rather than for people; with nature rather than for nature; with the world rather than for the world. 82. We choose to find out what would happen, rather than decide what will happen, and by choosing who we are in relationship with anything that might happen – we create it. 81. There is no such thing as “sacred”. There is simply an experience of our relationship to life, to death, to God, to trauma, to love, to ourselves. 80. Where there is love there is no pain, suffering, heartbreak. Love does not bring pain, love heals it. 79. We consider being who we are, expressing who we are, a priority in life. 78. We realize that including, opening, inviting and welcoming is beneficial to everyone, while excluding, protecting, separating and pushing away benefits no one. 77. Anything that mind can provide – love, success, understanding, creativity, power, safety, is only a pale imitation of what we can create when we are present as who we truly are – God. 76. There is no limit to what we can take responsibility for and, consequently, there is no limit to what we can create. 75. To understand wonderland we first have to enter it. To understand who we are we first have to be who we are, to understand God we first have to experience God, to understand nature we first have to be nature. And when we fully are, fully experience, fully open, fully being – then the need to understand becomes obsolete. 74. What we call “an innate human nature” is simply how we choose to relate. 73.Arranging life’s details, creating an occupation, finding a place to live, organizing ways of supporting oneself, is like preparing your canvas, selecting paints, choosing brushes. Once all is ready, the painting begins. 72. There is nothing and no one that can make us be who we are … or stop us from being who we are. 71. Whether the warriors fight for light, or for darkness – as long as there are warriors, there is war. 70. When we explain an experience, understand an experience, analyze an experience, interpret an experience, judge an experience, consider an experience from different angles and look at an experience form various perspectives, there is only one thing that doesn’t change: the experience. Can we just stick to the experience and let go of all the rest? 69. I don’t need to know a definition of line, shape or contour, in order to draw it. 68. We are not alone in the universe. There are beings right here, on Earth, whose ways of relating, experiencing, is alien to us. Beings who are being in ways we can’t even conceive of. Those beings are our partners, our allies, ready to support us, willing to share their secrets. Those beings are what we call “nature”. 67. There is no difference between life and my life. There is no difference between time, and time for me. We may work for others, but we live for ourselves. 66. By being present as who we are we outgrow time and space. By relating as who we are, as humans, here on Earth, we outgrow life. 65. Who did you want to be as a child? What did you want to do? Do you remember? In a spirit of an impossible idea: “there is no such thing as “too late”. There is only, and always, an opportunity to grow, open, graduate”, let’s remember what we wanted to be, and let’s be it! 64. When making decisions feeling is much more accurate and dependable than thinking. One can always argue arguments away, but try arguing away your feelings. 63. We can be present with the trauma, we can let go of it such that it is no longer there, such that it’s never been there at all. When we are present as who we are, we are beyond time. 62. Be what you say you are. 61. When we become our body the trauma stored in it clears out easily, spontaneously, and the body balances easily, spontaneously. There is no need to do anything to be healthy and fit. 60. We can transform the world into a peaceful place, filled with happiness, not by devising a perfect system to organize people – but by encouraging people to organize themselves, in their own way. 59. The only answers we can’t find are those we don’t really want. 58. If time is not linear, if there is no “before” or “after”, no “beginning” and no “end”, If time is a cloud, a sponge full of spaces, tunnels, passages – then who are we? How do we truly exist If we have no beginning and no end, no past and no future? If the continuity of who we are is an illusion, just like the continuity of time … then how do we exist? 57. Love, the real love, is a way of being. 56. With knowledge and understanding we explain reality, with presence and awareness we create it. 55. Things that come easily and without effort are worth having, we don’t need to risk getting killed to get stronger, we don’t need privations to develop character, we don’t need to sacrifice to be good, we don’t need to suffer to appreciate happiness, we don’t need pain to grow, we don’t need frustration to change. We can have it all happily, joyously, and everything is perfect. 54. Who we are is to be enjoyed! 53. Anything we do in life should be done to make us feel better about ourselves. 52. We choose how we relate, we design how we present who we are in the world. 51. The best way to support others is to be who you are. 50. Happiness is a given. 49. We choose ways, means, solutions, based on how right they feel, and how happy they make us. 48. Rather than being a painter I can paint, rather than being a writer I can write, rather than being a designer I can design. I am being myself, and who I am is unlimited. 47. We open fully to what we think is wrong, we feel deeply into what we think is unjust, we connect completely with what we see as evil – and the evil opens, the wrong heals and the injustice transforms – easily, naturally, spontaneously. There is no need for action when we are present. 46. We allow the natural pace and rhythm of our bodies to organize the rhythm of our life. 45. Being famous means no more, and no less, than fully owning oneself in reality. Anyone can be famous. 44. Life is our creation. Right now. 43. We believe that who we are actually IS who we are 42. Rather than doing our best, we do what we want. 41. There is nowhere we can not stay present in, nothing we can’t be present with. We choose who we are. 40. We don’t need to know “what’s good for us”. We can feel what feels right, we can feel what feels good. 39. We remember who we are, who we were before this body was born, who we will be when this body dies, and there is no more fear. The only thing left to do in life is to enjoy it. 38. The world will never fall to ruins 37. There is more to who we are than meets the eye. 36. Creating possibilities changes things, designing impossibilities transforms reality. 35. Life is to be enjoyed, not survived. 34. It doesn’t take work to be present, it takes a choice. 33. Who we are is only our choice, the “outside world” is not a factor. 32. One can be fully supported only when one is fully independent. 31. Things will resolve themselves much more quickly and effectively if we don’t meddle too much. 30. Nothing bad can ever happen to anyone without their agreement. Nothing good can, either. 29. There is not one, ultimate answer – there is only your answer. There is not one, right way to do anything – there is only your way. There is not one, absolute truth – there is only your truth. Life is personal – because it’s yours. 28. Time is an unlimited opportunity, not a limitation 27. Rather than “doing it right” people “do it the way they like it”. 26. Responsibility is not guilt or blame, but freedom to do, to be and to create whatever we want. 25. When searching for answers to fundamental questions and solutions to global problems humans look inside, not outside. 24. People using impossible and unrealistic means to achieve impossible and unrealistic goals 23. A society of human beings can be perfectly and only peaceful and supportive, when it’s based only on the freedom to be unique. No rules, limitations, restrictions are needed. 22. We design life, we design world, we design reality. There is no such thing as control, there is only dependency. 21. Who I am doesn’t change 20. Nothing needs saving. 19. Mind is not something that we are, mind is something that we have. 18. While there are limits to what we can think, there are no limits to what we can be. 17. People sing and dance because music rings in their soul and rhythm pulsates through their body. 16. Doing what has never been done before is normal and ordinary. 15. My body is MY body, I choose whether it’s healthy or sick. 14. I can spend my entire life doing exactly what I want, in a way I want to do it. Nothing more and nothing less. 13. The whole world is home, not only one place, one town, one country. 12. Thinking doesn’t solve problems, it causes them. 11. Disagreement is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate uniqueness. 10. We can be no less than perfectly happy, ALWAYS, and… 9. …nature is the best model to learn from. 8. There is no need to know anything. 7. There is no being in the entire Universe and beyond, who knows how my life should be lived, except for me. 6. We can have everything we want, when we want it, because … 5. …e are running the whole show. 4. Living in this world, as messed up and full of problems as it is, can be really enjoyed. 3. We can communicate perfectly well without speaking. 2. Trees are friends. 1. Animals talk.

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