Own Your Beliefs

January 8, 2013

Him: Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.

Me: No, tolerance of intolerance is an actual tolerance. It is not hard to be tolerant of that which we approve of. The real meaning of tolerance is to accept that which we don’t approve.

Him: No, tolerance of intolerance is cowardice. Tolerance of differences in ideas and in traditions is a good thing, but the degradation of any people requires speaking up.

Me: There are limits to tolerance then? Who decides what is “degradation of people”? There are some who believe homosexuality is degradation of people and they speak up against it, there are those who believe Christianity is degradation of people, western lifestyle is degradation of people, and they fight against it.

If we only tolerate that which we find tolerable or acceptable, where is the courage in that?

If we only tolerate that which is close enough to our truth, our ideas, our ways, for us to feel comfortable with — how is that tolerance at all?

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