Quote Yourself

September 27, 2012


I squirmed in my chair in a discomfort acute enough to be called pain.

“Speak,” the wizard said, but I only chocked harder. There was a wall, a thick strong wall between my experience and speech. Words would not come, there was blankness. My experience did not connect to the place where words live.

“Speak!” the wizard said again, and I tried. I spoke a word. It was a ball of barb wire in my throat. It hurt, it hurt like growing a new limb would, it hurt the way giving birth does, and I hated it even as I understood the importance of the exercise.

“When you speak your experience you reaffirm it in reality. When you speak from the experience, truly speak from the experience, your words have the power to create.”

When you speak as what you are, from the depth of your experience of life, your words are the words of God.

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