Responsibility Will Set You Free

April 15, 2013

“How was it for you after you came to understand that even consciousness was not real? What happened at that particular moment? Did something very unusual happen?”

“What a good question!” I thought as I read it. It was asked of me, presenting me with a golden opportunity to share my deep wisdom, to reveal my profound insight, to astonish the audience (of one, admittedly) with my subtle and precious understanding of the sacred and marvelous nature of the holy Universe and what did I do? I started talking about my divorce!

No godly words came to mind, I have not spoken of “awareness,” “consciousness” or any other “sacred” stuff.

Instead, I spoke of responsibility.

And as I wrote my answer, much to my surprise, I realized that it was right: responsibility is what changed me, what changed my life, what changed the world.

All the sacred teachings I heard and read, all the mysteries of meditations, ceremonies and various spiritual adventures, all the wise words spoken by others were nothing. Absolutely nothing if they did not lead me to responsibility. Responsibility for myself, responsibility for life, responsibility for everything.

It was in that moment, when I said: “I am doing this. This is me and I create” that I understood that even consciousness was not real. And how was it for me after this moment?

The world changed after this moment. It became my playground, my wonder and my creation, because I have claimed for myself the most sacred, most holly and the deepest of all deep and mysterious powers:


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