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February 14, 2009

Question: I’ve recently seen some films and got quite confused. Have you seen or have any opinions about any of this, is it possible?
 What the bleep do we know rabbit hole
 What the bleep do we know – down the rabbit hole
 The Illuminati
 The Illuminati 2
 The Illuminati Secret Space
 The Secret
 A Crude Awakening The Oil Crash
 Alex Jones – End Game
 Alex Jones – Martial Law – Rise of the Police State
 Alex jones – the microchip (excellent!)
 Alex Jones TV2009 – Police State
 Alex_ Jones_ Martial_ Law_ 911-Rise_ of_ the_ Police_ State_ with_ extras.
China Blue) – Film Micha X. Peleda.
 Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove – By Alex Jones
 Road to Guantánamo
 Money As Debt
 Money Banking and the Federal Reserve
 Orwell rolls in his grave – Robert Pappas
 Captive Minds
 Five Steps to Tyranny
 Alex Jones – Terror Storm Final Cut
 Zeitgeist Final Edition
 Why We Fight – Anatomy of The American War Machine
 Zeitgeist Addendum
 Esoteric Agenda
 The Brandon Corey Story
Answer: From all the movies you’ve mentioned I saw only “What the Bleep” and sat next to my husband when he was watching “Zeigeist”. I heard a lot about Secret but never saw it.
Is it possible? I don’t see why not, there is no limit to realities we can create, there is no end to points of view and perspectives. Based on my very scanty exposure to those sort of movies it seems to me that they are created from mind’s point of view. In all the movies I saw, or heard of, there is a separation, there is always “I” and the outside world that is doing something to me or that I have to do something with.
All those movies seem to focus on analyzing and revealing how the outside world, other people, other systems, control my reality, or how I can control reality such that I can get something that I want and don’t have, or so that I can be somebody I’m not now. This is mind’s perspective – being organized in relationship to the outside, needing to know, understand, explain, control, stay safe. Mind always believes that it is missing something and can only get it from outside of itself.
In my experience there is no such split in God. I am God. I create my reality. I take full responsibility for creating every aspect of my life and the world I live in. What other people do or did, what other systems were designed to do, doesn’t have anything to do with me, because I am not in any way controlled by them. Simply because I say I am not, I say I am responsibile for my life. I am God and there is not the smalest part of reality that I did not create by myself, for myself.
I feel that being God and being totally responsible for my reality, which allows me to create it however I want it, is much more fun that being mind, so I usually don’t watch movies that are organized from mind’s perspective.
Question: Of course it’s from mind perspective, I don’t know any other. Besides without mind it would not be anything to talk about, no words, no notions and no problem of recession in particular. Is it possible for the movie not to be organized from mind’s perspective at all?
I remember the text “Face to face with different reality” and I thought you can compare those films, especially “Zeitgeist Addendum” with the point of view of that military man. I’m also curious about God’s opinion about David Icke theories (”Beyond the cutting edge” is the most representative, I’ve forgotten to attach the Icke’s films to the list)
Answer: True, a movie created from God’s perspective would have much less talking in it, much more being.
There is a movie called “Whale Rider”. It is a movie about a girl, about 12 or so, becoming a head of a tribe that does not allow women, let alone girls, to become heads of the tribe. 
The girl is simply who she is, fully present in her authority and her uniqueness. She is simply herself, even though she’s being admonished, punished, chased away. She persists, very gently, very respectfully, in simply being who she is. Being present as who she is, as God. Eventually the reality shifts for the whole tribe and the girl becomes recognized by others.

The girl doesn’t study and analyze the tradition, the system that is oppressing her, doesn’t try to find out where it came from, how did it begin, why did it begin. She doesn’t argue, she doesn’t fight. She doesn’t talk to people about the injustice of the system, she doesn’t try to convince others that she is right and make them see things her way, she doesn’t try to overthrow it, to revolt. She doesn’t try to find those that are guilty and punish them or demand compensation or take over the power.
She doesn’t talk much at all. She simply is who she is. The system that is trying to stop her is ineffective because she is not controlled by it, she is not dependent on it, because she chooses to be herself only, fully and completely. Because she holds space for herself to be who she is, she also holds space for the rest of the tribe to open to her, very gently, very respectfully. And finally they do, and she changes reality completely simply by being who she is, by being herself, by being God.
It is my sense, more and more that, while mind’s perspective is very abstract, includes lots of concepts, theories, ideas and generalities, other people’s perspectives and points of view, systems and influences beyond our reach or control, God’s perspective is very deeply personal. It is not about understanding, but about experiencing a situation, being in a situation, being yourself.
I can only experience a situation myself, how others experience it, how they see it, what they think, what they say, has nothing to do with my experience. What other people say reality is like has nothing to do with my experience of it.
While mind would ask: why, how, when, what for, the question from God’s perspective would be: who am I here? Who am I in this situation?

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