My Body of Earth

March 26, 2011

Uniqueness I can hear the word Uniqueness I think it In this fog, in this soft, warm and undefined sleepiness my eyes are heavy, my thoughts rapid and insistent. Uniqueness Stay with this word, with the sound. It tries to escape me, but it never runs too far, never too fast, flimsy and elusive like a silky thread in the wind – a light touch on my hand, a pressure, then I flex my fingers to catch it but there is nothing there, nothing to grasp anymore and yet, before I fall back into the dark softness, there it is again … mocking … tantalizing…. Uniqueness … here, stay present I say, do not fall asleep, stay here … uniqueness It’s dark here, warm, inside of my body … uniqueness … here it is … I don’t need to think it anymore, I don’t need to hear it … it is here … I am it … I can feel it, I can feel the word … I am the word! I am the word – uniqueness, unlimited. I am uniqueness, unlimited, my body… I can feel everything now, unlimitedness has no limits, I can feel the energy in the belly of the Earth, in my belly, rising, falling, swirling in fluid celtic patterns, flowing up through the rock, through my bones, up into the soil, into the roots, into muscles and branches, into the tips of the smallest leaf, into my fingertips… It flows into water, in great waves and tides, filling the oceans’ beds, spilling into rivers, into my veins, rising, falling, moving wit a solemn grace … I hear it’s pulsing in my ears … The Earth is resting, I am resting, the sun shines on her skin, on my skin … with the myriads of shines and sparkles the Earth soaks up it’s splendor, stretched in the warmth like a fat, lazy cat … I purr, stretching my paws, rolling on my back … it is so good, so right to be here … it feels so good to be unlimitedness, to be uniqueness, it feels so good to be those words that are not words anymore, that are me, that are Earth… I am the word … I have become the word … this is why, this is what the body is for! That’s why, that’s why this animal form while I am here on this planet, in this life – so that I can be here as myself, as this planet, as this life, as Earth Without separation.

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