The Manifesto for World Change

February 20, 2011

Our idea of what reality is determines how we relate with it:

Nature is not a sentient being, a partner, but a thing – we use it and discard it as we would any tool. Once we die we cease to exist, we lose everything, we are gone for ever – so we cling desperately to this life and all we can gather right now. Right now is all we have. People who disagree with us are wrong and, if they persist in being wrong, they become bad, evil, psychopaths – so we fight them, force them to obey and if we can’t – we kill them. We do that to save themselves from their own evil, it is for their own good.

To change the world, all we have to do is change our ideas about it.

Nature is a partner, friend, ally. It is present and alive, often much more so than human beings are. We can befriend it, learn from it, let it support and help us. We an enjoy it.

Who we are does not die, when this body ends it’s functions we simply graduate, open into another expression of ourselves. We never cease to exist, we lose nothing. We don’t ever have to be afraid, nothing wrong can ever happen to us because we can not die, we can not end, we will simply change. We are safe.

People who disagree with us are original, unique, just like we are original and unique in our views. That we don’t agree is the sign of our presence and individuality. We can celebrate it. Those who disagree with us reflect us, present perspectives on reality that enrich us, they help us grow. We can enjoy it. There is no need to destroy. There is no need to fear. There is no need to fight.

All we have to do to change the world is to see it for what it is – beautiful, supportive, varied, safe.

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