10 Steps to finding out what you want

January 24, 2012

Step #1 Find out who you are. You are your body, you are your soul, you are your life. Include everything, and everything becomes an expression of you. Exclude it – and it becomes an expression of your trauma. Step #2 Include death into your life. Death is wonderful, it is a graduation, a transition, as much as birth. What’s there to be sad about? What’s there to grieve about? Step #3 Choose. Do not wait for God, universe, spirit, purpose, destiny, authorities or society to do it for you. Step #4 Be present to what you are creating, right now. Before you learn how to create what you want, realize how you created what you have. Step #5 Do not think. What you want is not the result of your thoughts but an expression of what you are. Step #6 Travel far. When your background changes you see what is only you, in sharp relief. Step #7 Believe what you say you believe. Step #8 Don’t lie. Not to yourself, not to others. Never. Step #9 Consider the possibility of your future being entirely different than your past. Step #10 Go find out what you want, don’t wait until it finds you.

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