World Is Unlimited

August 8, 2012

Where do the limits live – in the world, in reality, or in what we are willing to see of the world?

Or is there no difference between those two?

Often I hear the argument “this is impossible, people will not want to do this”. “This” is usually something that is required in order to save the world, prevent global catastrophe, heal the Earth, change everything.

“It is impossible” someone will always say, and the conversation moves back from the inventive, creative realm to that which we know, to that which feels safe, to that which feels familiar. To that which “people will accept.”

Where is the limitation, I often wonder, where is the place of impossibility? Is it the people? But people are us, people are me – so is it me? Will I refuse a change that feels uncomfortable and scary? Why – because I can not imagine living life any other way that I do now? The limit is in my imagination then – that is a good news. If the limit is mine I can work with it, I can open it, I can transform it and outgrow it.

It is when I project this limit outside and say “such world is impossible, such reality is impossible” that I submit to the limitation that now is out of my hands.

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