You Are Power

August 10, 2012

“You are one with everything” I hear that quite often lately. That “we are all one” is written, spoken and otherwise proclaimed far and wide these days and I agree, we certainly are all one on a certain level, yet I wonder – what is the significance of that?

What is the meaning behind this story or, more to the point, what it the point to this story? Is it for us to stop destroying and attacking each other? Well, we destroy and attack ourselves, so doing that to other beings seems a natural consequence of the oneness of life.

Or is it about the power that comes from numbers? Is it about the acknowledgment, the confirmation, the approval we gain when we assure ourselves that others share our beliefs and ideals?

Or do we comfort ourselves with the oneness of life the makes us feel a little less lonely? A little less insignificant and disconnected?

Or is it a real awareness, a true presence of what we are experienced deeply in the core of our being, in a place where oneness of life is a force that’s shaped and expressed by what we choose to be?

For at this level, at the deepest fundamental level, the oneness of all life gains a meaning as it expresses itself through your originality and uniqueness.

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