Bank not of this world

April 10, 2009

What does it mean to be God, here on Earth? There is no end to my asking this question because there is no final answer. There is no end to what being God on Earth can mean, there is no end to posibilities and, therefore, there is no end to fun! The answer, when it comes, is always one of relating, not an instruction on what and how to do. If I relate as who I am as God, only, then I am unlimited. Unlimited meaning not constricted. Not constricted by mind’s ideas of who I am, not constricted by what society thinks I should be. Time does not constrict me. Time is an irrelevant consideration to who I am as God. I am who I am, right now. I never was anything else than who I am. I will not become who I am in a future, I will not achieve the full awareness of who I am in another lifetime. I am who I am now. An unlimited opportunity of how I can relate exists right now. There is no time. My body does not constrict me. My body is who I am as God, my body is an expression of who I am here on Earth. How my body feels is simply how it chooses to relate. Whether it’s healthy or sickly is simply how I choose to be in relationship to reality. My relationships with people do not constrict me. When I relate with others as who I am as God, simply, spontaneously, the relationship is an opening, an invitation for everyone to be who they are, for everyone to open, for everyone to enjoy the unlimited opportunity. When I am God everyone is God. There is no need, no reason to defend, nothing to understand, nothing to explain. There is nothing to say. There is only a mutual opening, a connection that is endless and full of unlimited potential of who I can be, of who the person I connect with can be. This is a very simple experience, a very ordinary experience. It doesn’t change what I do. It changes how I do it, why I do it. It changes reality. From a place of fear, struggle and uncertainty reality becomes simply an opportunity for me to be who I am, for everyone to be who they are. It becomes a place where time is irrelevant and everything I choose to be is available to me right now. It is a place where the only consideration in my relationship to other humans, to trees, to birds, to rocks and flowers is to experience them. To open and connect, to experience yet another way for every one to be who we are. Relating as who I am as God, only, changes reality. Without doing anything, without organizing anything, wthout struggling and fighting, helping, fixing or saving – it changes the world in an eye blink. I watched a great, old Polish TV show a while ago. It’s about organizing a Bank Not of This World. A lady was going through an interview with a board of directors of angels and saints, she was applying for the CEO position. She talked about the system she was going to implement to facilitate transactions, about the controls and securities of bank’s operations, about the models that were tried in the past and proved to be very successful … and every time she finished a point one of the board would interrupt her to say “yes, we know, but we are interested in other systems”, “yes, we know, but we are interested in other models”, “yes, we know, but we are interested in other operations”. Eventually the lady fell silent, she had nothing more to say. At that point one of the angels explained: “this bank is organized to give help to those who need it, poor, lost people, all those who can not deal with this reality. If a person who took a credit can not pay it back the bank should give him another credit, so that he can pay the previous one. Not only that, the second credit should be larger than the first one, since the first one obviously was not enough. Remember, every acount is not a number – it’s a person, a human being in need of support and wise help.” This doesn’t make any sense. This is a way of relating to reality that doesn’t make any sense. And yet it could change the world, in an eye blink.

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