Blind Spot

April 8, 2010

I’ve decided to conduct an experiment on a friend of mine the other night. I told him to listen to two ways in which we can change the world into a paradise, where human beings can coexist with each other and with all of nature lovingly, delightfully, peacefully. First way: an entirely new technology based on energy flows will be designed. It will unable us to manipulate matter in it’s movement. We will be able to, non-invasively but effectively, manipulate the flow of electricity through neurons in human brain and nervous system, thus controlling which brain centers are being activated in response to stimulation from the environment. This will be supported by controlling and manipulating the chemical balances in the body, as we will achieve a very detailed and subtle control of the hormonal secretion. Humans will then get “reprogrammed” to only respond with kindness, love and gentleness. Violence, aggression, competition, jealousy, greed, will become virtually impossible, as human bodies will be unable to support the chemical process that accompanies such emotions. This will lead to reorganizing the entire economic structure world-wide, as well as the mode of relating in politics. Councils will gather around the world to design new ways for people to conduct their daily lives, in order to optimize them for mutuality and cooperations. Human brains and nervous systems will then be readjusted to cooperate with the new systems, and self-propagate ways of relating, consistent with the new society’s structures. This will be supported by mass media stimulants as well as genetically modified and optimized food and products used frequently on human skin, which include chemicals influencing the body. With perfectly controlled and organized societies the world will at last be at peace. Second way: human beings will take responsibility for creating their reality. I asked my friend to choose a way that is more likely to happen. He chose the first one. I expected him to do so. I expected him to choose a solution that involves new technologies, energy manipulations, neuronal programming and reorganizing the global systems and structures, over a solution that requires human beings to do no more than to take responsibility for creating reality. I expected him to choose a solution, no matter how impossible, how arcane, over the suggestion that all we have to do to change reality is to take responsibility for what we create. I expected him to be willing to consider the most unbelievable scenario as a possibility, however unlikely, but to dismiss off-hand the possibility that we can be responsible for who we are in the world. I expected him to do that, because I’ve seen it happen, again and again. I had many conversations where ideas would be brought forth and considered, no mater how unlikely. Conversations where all the world and all of reality would be remodeled, redone and reconstructed. I had those conversations with people who were willing to consider a lot of possibilities commonly considered impossible. Not that we had to believe the impossible would happen, but we could consider it, we could entertain the idea. Until I would suggest that we could take responsibility for who we are in the world. This would not be considered. This would be dismissed off-hand this would be an idea that people would not entertain. This idea would be refused immediately, thoroughly, and definitively as absolutely impossible. Because “people will not want to do that”, because “it’s too hard”. End of discussion. I’ve noticed this and decided to experiment on my friend, just to be sure … and soon enough I found out that manipulating matter and reorganizing nervous systems was a possibility, however distant, however unlikely, however hard. Taking responsibility was not. Why? What is this place? What is this blind spot where we will not look? The spot which we will not consider? Why do we call it luck, good fortune, coincidence, opportunity, God’s will, fate? Why do we not call it what it is: being responsible for oneself in the world and creating reality? Why are we willing to look to the outside to control it, reshape it, reorganize it – but we will not consider looking inside? What is this place where we won’t look? I could come up with all sorts of answers and explanations, I suppose, but I feel that in this place any answer will only serve as an obstruction, as a way to muddle the experience such that we don’t have to be here, feel it, be present with it. This is one of the most powerful questions I have found so far. Questions that bring me right back into the place where I will not be present, where I will be dependent, programmed, controlled, where I will not be responsible. It is very important to be present in this place, I believe. As long as we are not willing to be here, be present here, without putting definitions and explanations between ourselves and the experience, we will continue to believe that aliens coming to Earth and reprogramming our DNA in order to make us evolve to a higher level of … something … is more likely to happen that human beings taking responsibility for creating reality.

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