Choose Anything

December 18, 2012

Yes, chose anything. Do anything. Yes, I do believe that humans are free to do whatever they wish. Yes, that includes murder, violence and destruction. Yes, do anything you wish to do … as long as it is your choice.

Make your choice knowing that it is yours. Make it knowing that no god, life, universe nor any other human has made it for you.

Make your choice in full awareness of your freedom to make it. Be present to your freedom – there is no coercion, no pressures, no underlying needs nor unconscious desires forcing your hand.

Make your choice by yourself and for yourself, not in the interest of others nor on the others’ behalf.

Make your choice in this space, in this clarity. Make your choice and own it completely.

Make this choice and it doesn’t matter at all what you choose and yes, that includes murder, violence and destruction but then … in this clear, present space – would your choice ever be to kill or destroy?

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