Opening Everywhere

December 17, 2012

“If I could just look” I thought to myself “just look at all this beauty”.

I commanded my eyes and they obeyed, and I saw the splendid clouds painted gold and yellow against the turquoise sky, at the scarlet lining on the horizon and the dark, ragged shapes of palm trees. I felt the balmy air against my skin and I gasped with wonder…

“How marvelous the world is! How beautiful the life!”

The universe swirled and shifted and in this new world all pain was gone. And fear. And drama and strife and hardships. All gone and I was different. The life was different, the universe was different, life was different.

There was nothing but beauty, but bliss, but light in the world, or in me.

The world has changed. I have changed. Life has changed.

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