Choose Your Own Adventure

September 27, 2012

Is there a right way to live? There are so many different people, with so many different experiences of life – is one of them right, while all others are wrong?

I chose to make my life fun, as it is more fun that way. I have decided that if I am to spend some 80 years or so here on Earth I might as well enjoy my stay. But this is my decision, everybody makes their own.

I was born in communist Poland. It was cold there, gray and dark. There was no toilet paper, food was rationed, one pair of boots had to last for several winters and the world was dirty and noisy. I went through grade school, high school and university because that was what one did. That was the right path to follow. The only path. I did not know what I wanted, I did not realize that knowing it was possible. I knew what “one did”. That had to be enough

I would have been intensely miserable, if it wasn’t for numbness that kept me from feeling anything at all. I would have been intensely miserable, but feeling misery required some spark of life, some little drop of energy. I had none.

And then I chose. I decided. I decided to do a thing that was not what  “one did.” It was the beginning. This choice, then another, then more, brought me to USA, to California, to my husband, to my life.

This life, my life, is a different one. Different from the Polish existence. It looks different, it feels different. I feel different. I am different.

I changed my life completely and so I don’t think that life is destined be any particular way anymore. It was one way, then it was another, now it is different still. I changed it. I can change it again if I wish to. Everyone can change their life if they wish to.

Everyone can choose. Everyone does choose.

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