You Are Right Here, Right Now. Always.

September 27, 2012

It is a strange feeling- – a regret without pain. This realization that I could have done something else as a ten year old, as a fourteen year old. The dreams were there — I could have explored them, experienced them and opened to a whole new me. This realization — it holds no pain. There is no loss, for I can do it, I can be it, I can experience it all, right now. Time does not stand in my way. Time bends and flows, adjusts itself to my thoughts coming up, to my dusty hopes reclaimed, to my dreams liberated from their prison, and nothing is lost to me.

There is no “bad time,” no “good time,” no “right time,” nor “time wasted.” There is no time. There is me, and I can be what I am, however I am, whenever I am. Whenever I choose. Time imposes no restrictions, no limitations are set by reality, no hindrances are created by age. I am what I am when I choose, when I open.

The time is mine, as is reality, as are my dreams, to do with as I please.

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