Comfortable life

February 12, 2008

I realized today, yet again, how nice, easy and comfortable life is 🙂 One could think that driving through Santa Barbara on a beautiful summer (although in February) morning might have something to do with it, but I felt like that before on other occasions, so I think there is more to it. When I think about what more could there be that would make me feel that it is so easy and nice to be alive, what comes to me is that I don’t need anything. I am God, after all, what could I possibly need? What is there that I am not? What is there that’s separate from me, that I could possibly miss? From mind’s point of view we are separated from … well, pretty much everything. From the point of view of the little flea, fortified to escape the painful and threatening reality, I am absolutely and totally severed and shut in a little tight mind – box. From the mind’s point of view there is a world of “things” out there – things that I want, things that I need, things that I really don’t want, things that I’m afraid of. But I am God, not the mind-flea, and so there is no separation. No forts, no defences. I am everything and everything is me. I do see a lot of books talking about what to do to get just what you want, “Ask and it is given” I believe I’ve seen recently, the famous “Secret” is another one. I hear people talking about winning lottery, making lots of money and getting this new Lexus and I wonder – what is this need? Notice I don’t ask: why do you need it? Anyone, me included, could give millions of perfectly good reasons for why I need more money, but the question is: what is this need? Where does it come from? Where is the source of it? My answer is: it is an idea that there is something missing. I am not repeating myself, I am not talking about the idea that there is money missing – i am talking about this empty, uncertain feeling, the feeling that there is not enough of something, something is needed. The feeling that I am not happy, that something is missing in my life. When we are in this place we are not fully present, are we. We are in pain, we are scared. Usually it is not a very strong feeling, just a discomfort, but In this place we feel that there is a big world out there that’s scary, that we have to defend ourselves from, make sure we are “safe” just “in case”. Does it sound just like a description of a mind to you – which IS the separation, which was built out of fear from reality. Makes sense that when we identify with our fear we are scared, doesn’t it? As long as we believe we are mind we will be scared of the world, scared of the future, we’ll defend ourselves, we’ll try to get safe. As long as we believe we are mind we’ll try to control and manipulate the reality outside of us, to make sure it will not threaten us. As long as we believe we are the mind life is a constant struggle between us and the “outside” world, the unpredictable, potentially dangerous world that we have no power over, the “blind chance” that can ruin us within a second. What happens when we decide to identify with God instead? What happens when all the separations disappear, what happens when we take full responsibility for our reality and, by doing that, start creating it the way we want it. We don’t need to manipulate reality – we are reality. Do I need to manipulate my hands to make them do what I want? We don’t need to control reality – no more that we need to control our eyes. We don’t need to defend ourselves from reality – no more than we need to defend ourselves from our legs. And so we can enjoy the reality – because there is nothing else to do, as far as I can see. What happens when we are fully, completely and totally ourselves. When we are everything there is. What do we need then? What is there to be afraid of? There is nothing “outside” that we could need or want, because there is no outside. This is not something that can be “understood”. Mind cannot comprehend it because the very nature of mind is opposite to God, mind IS a separation from God, denial of God. To mind this makes no sense at all. But when we let go of mind then this world becomes a beautiful garden given to us to play, to create, to enjoy. There is no need. This is why I, with about $10 in my bank account, with very few worldly possessions, without any “secure job,” without much of anything in fact, drove through a beautiful morning today with the blissful feeling of how easy and comfortable life is. It is like this kid in Matrix said: don’t try to bend the spoon, instead try to realize the truth – there is no spoon. I say: don’t try to fill the hole, instead try to realize the truth – there is no hole

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