Upwards and Onwards

February 2, 2008

I am going to write a book. In fact I am writing a book. My entries on this blog from the last few months were intended to be the raw material for my literary adventures and finally, few weeks ago, I have realized that I have quite enough to get to a serious, focused book writing. I begun the process by printing all the entries, giving them to Brooks for commenting, securing his approval and assistance, talking to a person who can facilitate the fascinating publisher-finding process and … two things happened: 1. From interesting and very enjoyable way of sharing my thoughts with the world (I am being very hopeful here 🙂 writing became a terrible, confronting and all together scary chore to be avoided by all and any means available. 2. I am not sure what to write about on the blog anymore. There are as many ideas floating around my head as there were two weeks ago, but now I am not sure if I should write it out here, or should I “save it” for the book to ensure that there will be actually something new in it to read about? I will have to find my balance, writing on this blog is too much fun to be abandoned lightly. I am going to write a book – in English! There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of by Polish girls. 🙂

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