Don’t Live For Them, Live With Them

January 16, 2013

Him: Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?

Me: If that was the case, wouldn’t it be called “others life” rather than “my life”?

Her: One’s humanity is so intricately linked to the humanity of others. To serve one with love always leads back to the other in an infinite circle that expands and expands. However, the extreme of a virtue is a vice (quoting Aristotle).

Me: Then again serving oneself with love — relating with oneself with love — being love, would lead back to others in an infinite circle, with the added bonus of being infinitely present with one’s own originality and uniqueness.

Her: Yes! The answer is self love and the question is how to serve out of your love.

Me: I wonder though if, when we are truly present as ourselves, being love, the “serving” becomes … obsolete, in a sense. We simply are what we are, we simply are love — and that opens the space, holds a space for everyone else to be what they are as well. It is mutuality, I think, a partnership, more so than serving.

Her: Being. Serving….I think of it as beautiful dance…the two. What a wonderful, expansive thing to see them as one.

Me: Being what I am, being with you as what you are — there is no one to serve. There is no one that needs service.

There is only presence.

There is only bliss, and happiness.

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