How do we change the world?

July 6, 2008

How do we change reality? How do we get rid of a system we don’t support? A president we don’t like? A way of being we disagree with? How do we change the world? I just had a stray thought, it hit me so hard that I run to my computer abandoning the laundry I was doing at them moment, to write it down before it escaped me. It went something like this: We all, more or less, agree that the world needs changing. One way or another. There are bad guys out there doing bad things that need to be stopped, good guys doing good things that need to be supported. How do we imagine this change to take place? We think that we will find enough people who agree with us, we will then be able to influence reality, change policy, shape it and make it the way we think it should be. In other words we are hoping to change the outside. We are hoping to change the system. Why? Because we believe that the system controls us, the system creates our reality. If that’s the case then it is true, the only way to change the reality is to change the system. But what happens if I say: no, the system doesn’t control me. No, the system does not create my reality. No, I have the life I want to have, not the life my government, my economy, my pharmaceutic companies, my TV, my religion, my spiritual teachers, my partner and my friends tell me I should have. No, I don’t play any longer. No, this is my life, my responsibility. What happens then? Lets say that my NO is not a reaction, is not a rebellion, is not an act of anger. Lets say that it is simply me taking full responsibility for my reality, for my existence. What happens to the system? It’s still there and … so what? What does it have to do with me? Why would I rebel against it? Why would I want to change it? If it in no way affects my life – then why would it bother me? Of course one could say: well, it still affects thousands of other people but … how do I know they don’t like it? How do I know they don’t want it? How do I know they all share my opinion? I believe, and I have plenty of evidence for it, that we all have our own realities going that have little to do with each other. We may agree on the basics like sky being blue, grass being green, but beyond that our needs, believes, ideas about good and bad, important and not important, right and wrong, are very different. This is why a “system” is never perfect – because it’s one idea, one way of thinking, one way of living forced on milliards and milliards of realities. It may work for the few that agree with it, but there will always be everyone else that doesn’t agree. No mater what the system is, no mater how perfect someone thinks it is, no mater how good someone thinks it is, it will always be oppressive – because it is only one. One for everybody. One for every completely different, completely unique individual. No mater how perfect the system seems to someone, it is alway something imposed on a person. We can change it all we want, try different versions, different approaches, but whatever we make it to be the result will always be the same: some will love it, some will hate it. Reality will not change. The thought that hit me just now was: we don’t change the world by changing the system. We change the world by changing our relationship to the system. We don’t change the world by changing what controls us, we change the world by saying: no, I am not going to be controlled. From now on I run my life, from now on I am fully responsible for it. From now on I am the one who creates my reality. Only me. By doing it and showing others the freedom that’s available, the freedom to create our reality exactly as we want it, as an exact expression of who we are, unique for everyone, because everyone is unique – this is how the world will change.

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