Impossibilities of the week

May 30, 2010

There is no such thing as “sacred”. There is simply an experience of our relationship to life, to death, to God, to trauma, to love, to ourselves. Where there is love there is no pain, suffering, heartbreak. Love does not bring pain, love heals it. We consider being who we are, expressing who we are, a priority in life. We realize that including, opening, inviting and welcoming is beneficial to everyone, while excluding, protecting, separating and pushing away benefits no one. Anything that mind can provide – love, success, understanding, creativity, power, safety, is only a pale imitation of what we can create when we are present as who we truly are – God. There is no limit to what we can take responsibility for and, consequently, there is no limit to what we can create. To understand wonderland we first have to enter it. To understand who we are we first have to be who we are, to understand God we first have to experience God, to understand nature we first have to be nature. And when we fully are, fully experience, fully open, fully being – then the need to understand becomes obsolete.

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