Love Is How You Are

January 19, 2013

“Love doesn’t exist!” he exclaimed.

… I listened, waiting for more…

“The concept of love that we have, with all the shoulds, obligations, traps. The love that makes us do things we don’t want to do, expects us to act in a ways we don’t want to act, commits us to something we don’t want to commit to. This is all a story, this love, and it’s crap!”

…I kept listening…

“There really is no such thing as love, it is just a word and the word is empty, the concept is empty”.

Oooooo … he was going too far…

“You know” I said “to discover that a story is just a story, that it does not describe reality, does not mean that the reality does not exist. Remember the guy who discover that stories told by religion, the stories about God, are just stories? He said” the stories are crap, therefore there is no God”. But … that the stories about God are crap does not mean there is no God. We just have stories which do not describe him.

That the story of what love is is crap does not mean there is no love. It only means that the story is crap.

 “When I connect with you” he said “I feel warmth and pleasure and happiness swelling in my body. I have the very deep sense of wellbeing. This is love, this state I experience”

“No” I said “it is not a state. Love is not a state. It is how you relate with me. Love is how you relate with me.”

“But then it’s me, it has nothing to do with you” he said.

“Yes, of course it has nothing to do with me” I agreed,

love is how YOU are.

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