Mystery Experienced

January 22, 2013

I know this feeling very well, it is a burning pain in my chest that is nearly unbearable, coupled with a compulsion to act, to correct the wrong, to make it right. The compulsion is overwhelming and the pain is tremendous and it pushes me to act.

I must act. I must prove my right. I must fix the mistake – your mistake, anyone’s mistake, everyone’s mistake.


But when I feel the pain, feel it without reacting to it, and when I feel the compulsion — then it hurts, it hurts tremendously and then … it stops. The pain … it stops.

It goes away.

See, I have learned that this pain is nothing. It is nothing. When it fails to push me, to compel me, to pull me into action it simply … dissipates.

It is the same with fear. Fear is nothing. When I don’t act on it is simply … stops.

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