Reality of a Genius

May 31, 2008

I just finished reading Michelangelo’s biography. As I read it it struck me, again and again, that the reality he lived in was drastically different from the reality everyone else occupied. His ideas, believes, values, had nothing to do with those of his fellow creatures. It brought back a subject of genius, something I thought about before. Michelangelo was a genius, no question about that. With his art, his sculptures, his frescos, he changed reality. He completely turned around how people thought about art, he created a revolution, and he completed it. What was his genius though – was it that he was so very talented? I don’t think so. I think that a very talented person is a very talented person, a genius is another thing all together. The genius lies in being totally, fully and completely oneself. Nothing else – just who one is. Michelangelo was Michelangelo. Throughout his life he never compromised being fully and only himself. His art was so completely original and so totally different from what was being created at the time because it had nothing to do with what was being created at the time. It was not influenced. It was not taught – it was his. Unique, original, because it was his only. In fact – it was him. It was an expression of who he was as God, in 3d reality. In that way genius is not a quality available only to the few people fortunate enough to be gifted with it. Genius is simply the result of being fully and wholly oneself in reality. We are all unique as who we are, a full expression of that uniqueness is genius. Einstein was not a genius because he was a talented physicist. Talented physicist is a talented physicist. Einstein was a genius because his perspective on physics was totally unique, totally original. Because it was his. It was a full and total expression of who he was, and of nothing else. Freud was a genius not because he was a very wise and penetrating psychologist, he was a genius because his perspective on psychology was totally unique and original, it was his perspective. When I saw Picasso’s art few weeks ago in Paris I realized that he was a genius. Not because he had talent – but because with his art he has created a whole new reality. Unique, original, because it was an expression of him only, of who he was only. It is mind’s purpose to survive reality. Mind is a defensive orientation, a survival orientation. The best way to survive is to know the rules and abide by them, like a good child who is told what to do and what not to do by parents. Inside of this paradigm doing the right thing is very important, it may mean life or death. It does to the mind. What happens when we realize who we are though? What happens when the perspective changes and we realize that we are not mind, that we are in fact God? Then we are only who we are. Then we become truly independent, take responsibility fully and completely for the reality we create. Then we are free to express ourselves in the world in whatever way we wish to. We appear in reality as completely unique and original, because, as God, we are completely unique and original. What we perceive as purpose in life changes as we are no longer be controlled by mind’s need to survive, to make enough money, to secure a job, to be a good boy or a good girl. Life opens, just like it did for Michelangelo, as a great space for us to express who we are, to create what we will. There are no rules, no limitations, no restrictions. There is nothing that could contain or bound us. There is nothing that can contain or bind God. There is nothing that can contain or bind genius.

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