The body is all we need

October 8, 2008

I had a session with Brooks today. It was about relationship, about how to remain who I am, and how to connect. I was cleaning something, some trauma, from my body. As I opened more and more I started realizing that the body is all I need. Did you ever feel that it’s all well and good to “loose the mind” when in class with Brooks, but once the class is over and its time to go back to work, the mind is very much needed? How could we function without it? How would we know what to do? How would we find points of reference? We need wants and needs, preferences, ideas, to guide us through life. And even after writing all the posts about how mind is constrictive, how it is not who we are, how it causes all sorts of problems, still the question remains unanswered: what do we do without it? There is a vast open space when I am myself. There is nothing and everything. There is only presence and an experience. And there is body, which is who I am, how I organize, in 3d reality. As I opened today I started realizing that when I am fully present as my body, as who I really am as my body, that’s all I need. Not only am I not my mind – I don’t need the mind. It’s superfluous. Whatever frame of reference I need to be in this reality, right now, on this planet, my body provides. I don’t need ego structures, personality, higher self, lower self, any other self. Only me, who I am, as the body. There is no need to talk about it, no need to analyze it, no need to understand it, no need to explain it. Just be, who you are, as your body. When I am present, I felt, my body is well. When I fall, loose my presence, become separated and afraid, then my body becomes sick. I thought for a moment that this is scary, that I will be afraid of being afraid, that getting sick, dying, would be a punishment for not being present enough. Then I realized – there is nothing wrong with dying, it is just another transition. Transition from being the body to not being the body. All the drama, the attachment, the fear, pain, tragedy … comes from mind. Without mind there is only who I am as my body. After that, there is who I am as not this body. Simple.

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