The Singing Goddess

March 1, 2008

There is young lady, a musician, that I know. About a year ago she asked my husband, who owned a recording studio at the time, if she could play him some of her songs. Once she did, and once Christopher recovered from his amazement, he asked her if she’d like to make a record. She did, and they started working together. She was so shy that she could not sing in front of anyone, she had trouble doing it in front of Christopher. Year later, just yesterday, I saw the same woman playing at the Ventura Theater, and she was absolutely amazing. Up there, on a big enough stage, with pretty sizable crowd – she was relaxed, confident and all together fantastic. Or at least appeared to be 🙂 As I sat listening to her I thought: this is it! This is what it means to be God in the world, right there, on that stage. It means to be who you are, consistently, no matter what trauma you have that will try to keep you small. It means realizing who you are in the world and being it. This is what she did, and I am sure there was, and still is, an incredible amount of pain, fear, doubt of all kinds that this woman must deal with and work through every time she sits at her piano to play in front of people, but whatever it is – it does not seem to stop her at all. She still plays, at least once a week, and every next performance is more powerful than the last. She is being who she is, she is not being her fear, her doubts, her trauma. She is being herself. And the wonderful music is the expression of it. She has fantastic, experienced musicians playing concerts with her for free. She has a great producer recording her record for free. She gets all the support she needs from the world around her – because she is firmly and consistently being herself. It was quite an inspiring thing to see last night, and when she, for the first time, came out from behind her keyboard and sung “unguarded” in front of a room full of people – I got goosebumps, cause the energy of what she was doing was just so amazing, and so strong. And then again, all she does is just being herself 🙂

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