Who will read my book?

February 20, 2008

Another question arrived: “Another idea just occurred to me, someone has to have a concept of some kind of God. I just realized as a non-dualist, I can easily track what you are saying, but how many non-dualist are going to be reading your book.” Answer: And it just occurred to me – think about what people are ready to believe in. Think of all the rather controversial and, well, interesting ideas that are at the base of some of religious doctrines – aliens taking over the earth and planting programming in people, prophets traveling from Israel to America thousand years ago, and then going back … I’ll not go into detail here as I don’t wish to offend anyone’s believes but looking at all this what I see is that people are desperately in need of God. People are ready to believe in the most, one could say, absurd things – just to get in touch with God. What is this need? Would we feel this need to get in touch with something that does not exist? I really don’t think so. Mind doesn’t understand God, it can’t understand or comprehend God. But no matter what we believe we are, no matter what we identify with – we are God. Period. Just because we can’t, as mind, comprehend God, does not mean that God does not exist. Just because we, as mind, cannot have a conscious and direct relationship with God, does not mean we have no relationship with God at all. We do feel it, we sense it, we are always looking for it. The trouble is – we are looking with our mind, and that is not the proper tool. It occurred to me a while ago – while we don’t realize who we really are, while we are not being God that we are, we are still trying to achieve it. We are still trying to regain all that we lost when we decided to separate, only we are doing it with mind and so instead of getting the “real thing” we get the substitute: Instead of being God, having a direct and personal relationship with God – we have religions and priests, prayers, that will allow us to get in touch with God that is separate from us and can only be reached by special ceremonies. Instead of realizing and being the boundless, unlimited and absolute love we are made of – we fall in love, we look for other “special” people that will give us the feeling of being loved, absolutely wonderful, perfect, safe. Instead of realizing that we are creating our reality, that we are the source of our lives – we try to control and subordinate it to our will, so that we can feel we are in charge. The reality created by mind is a poor imitation of God reality – but still it is an imitation of GOD reality. This is why I don’t think it is important whether there is enough people who are prepared and ready to understand what I have to say in my book – because I am not speaking to the mind. I don’t want what I say to be understood. I want it to be felt. I want it to be experienced. In the book I intend to speak to God, not to mind. Seeing how everyone is God – I don’t think there will be anything that will limit my audience 🙂

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