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August 31, 2007

Change of perspective is the key in God Psychology. It is all that needs to be done. Change of perspective on who we are, change of perspective on reality. It is a theme that follows me around these days, I keep encountering the same subject seen from opposite perspectives, the same issue seen in completely different ways. But what in God’s name am I talking about?! This is what: have you seen this movie? it’s called ZEITGEIST. I haven’t really seen it, to be perfectly honest. Christopher was watching it and I was sitting next to him trying to do something else. I didn’t pay very close attention to what was being said, but I could hear the tone of voice the speaker employed – and I found it … well there are several reasons for my strong reaction and, as they are not to the point, I’ll swallow it and say nothing. What is to the point, however, is the subject matter of the movie. The movie is about “exposing the conspiracy”. It talks about everything from Christianity and how it was stolen from other religious systems and then twisted and used to control, through the banking system controlling this country and the world from behind the scenes, to the 9/11 and how it was staged, and by whom. My reaction to this movie must have been really strong cause few days later, when a very good friend of mine called me to tell me about it – I got into a regular fight with him (To be perfectly fair – I was the only one who was fighting). He loved the movie, he believed that it is very important to talk about those things, to present them to people, to “open people eyes” to what is going on. I do not disagree with that, my question, however, is: where does it lead us? We can watch movies, read articles, read books about conspiracies against us. We can find out how we are controlled and manipulated, and then … what? What do we do with this knowledge? What does it really change? It surely creates a stronger and clearer separation between the “good guys” and the “bad guys” – the good guys being US, the bad guys being THEM. It gives us the opportunity to blame them for the sorry state of our world, but then … what? What changes? As far as I can see – nothing changes. In fact it only strengthens the existing problem. The problem of separation. It makes the enemy so much stronger and more sinister. It gives us so much more reasons to fight. To start another holly war. But – as I said I am being presented with both perspectives this days. Yesterday I was talking to a remarkable young woman who has started a company that will focus on presenting reality from a different point of view, in particular in the realm of business. To illustrate this “other point of view” she’ll make a movie. The general idea for the movie is to show regular people who had realized who they really are, realized the God, opened fully and completely to the unity, and their life transformed. The reality transformed. So here are two approaches to the same problem: one movie to assign blame and expose the crime, the other to show a way of healing, growing beyond i and creating a completely different reality. Another situation – I read an article just now, an interview with a hermit nun. She lives in Poland, in seclusion. She talks about her loneliness and how really common it is in today’s world. The only difference between her and other, secular people, is that she embraces and accepts the loneliness, while the rest of us are trying to cover it up with parties, chatting, music, noise. She says: “What does it mean to be lonely? Are you not feeling lonely? People isolate themselves from others – using TVs, computers, mp3 players, home cinema systems, radios, cars, cellphones. We have thousands of different ways to isolate. Others, being torn between this partner and that, between this job and that, are terribly lonely”. And again – another perspective presented itself: another article I read today about ZeroOne festival. A festival of art created with technology, incorporating technology, being technology. One of the featured artists created a project where the audience can add voice, text or images to an artwork in progress by simply calling in using their cellphones. Their input is recorded and projected on screens and via speakers. The artist says: “So often people with cellphones to their ears are in their own world, cut off from reality. This will pull people back into the community, as they sing the community story and hear their voice in the community chorus.” another artist, who created a similar system: “A lot of my interest in cellphones has to do with the intimacy of the device. We talk to loved ones on it, we cradle it, our identities are tied up with it. Stories coming to us this way can engage us in a different space.” Again – two answers to the same problem: one emphasizing the technology as supporting, maybe even encouraging, the separation of human beings. Another using the same technology creatively to support community, to encourage participation in creating a piece of art, to come into unity. This is what I mean by changing perspective. This is exactly what I mean by: it’s all that needs to be done. Change the perspective – and an entirely new reality unfolds in front of you, with new opportunities, new ways to grow. Operate inside of the old perspective – and there is only so far you can go. Interesting thing is – those two seemingly completely opposite perspectives seem almost complementary, don’t they? They don’t “fight” each other, rather they present both sides of an issue. I guess the unity will get us in the end 🙂

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