This is life!

December 16, 2010

Few days ago I drove through Santa Barbara in the early afternoon. The sun was golden, the leaves were golden, the world was glowing with such riot of brilliant colors that I snapped out of whatever I was thinking about, and I looked. And as I looked, as I smelled and felt the world, I realized that I am here, right now, and the world is wonderful, the life is wonderful, I am wonderful, everything is wonderful. In this moment there was no meaning, no plan, no future or past, no need. I was not thinking, I was being, and my entire life was full and complete in this moment, because I was in this moment. This is life! That’s what I realized in that moment: this is life. I knew that because the thought of death was as wonderful at that moment as the thought of life, because I was complete and fulfilled. This is life. Not doing things, changing things, achieving things, aspiring to things or creating things, but being. Being present, in the moment – that is life.

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