What Does Presence Mean?

December 11, 2012

“It is not about the action as much as it is about presence. It is about me being present as myself when I act” I said …

“Okay, so you imagine that you are present…” he responded …

“No, I don’t imagine – I am. It is not about thinking, it is about experiencing being. It is about being. I am.” I said. “Where did this come from?” I thought, “what did he hear me say?”

What do you hear when I say: I am present here, as myself?

Do you hear me claiming the possession of a higher state of awareness? An insight that is sharp and penetrating beyond what human senses can achieve? Do you her me claim enlightenment, special skills, super powers? Do you hear me proclaiming the sacred nature and profound depth of my experience?

Or do you see, in presence, a simple act of being, a choice of looking and its result, which is seeing?

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